Friday, January 22, 2016

2016 “ProLifeCon” Twitcast and Transcript

Today it begins, our seventh annual “Twitcast” joining pro-life bloggers from near and far, who all had the good sense once again, to come in out of the cold during the annual March For Life, for this year's ProLifeCon, the “premiere conference for the online prolife community” hosted once again by the Family Research Council in Washington DC.

During the event, this video clip provides a live feed of the proceedings. With its conclusion, you are invited to view the pre-recording thereof. You can learn more at the FRC website, follow the magic hashtag on Twitter: #prolifecon, or follow yours truly at:

A transcript of the Twitter feed appears below, now that the event is completed. Items may be edited slightly for correction, especially when we had to look up some of the big words.

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People get ready. #prolifecon
8:03 AM

And ... we're off. Welcome back for another year. #prolifecon
8:32 AM

"Are you guys pumped today? With the weather too?" #prolifecon
8:33 AM

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) #prolifecon
8:34 AM

"There are a lot of voices in the prolife debate. Our opponents tend to disregard the facts." #prolifecon
8:35 AM

Planned Parenthood is fighting efforts at defunding them, in favor of health care alternatives that don't harvest human organs. #prolifecon
8:36 AM

"In an effort to set the facts straight, I used every means to counteract; Facebook, Twitter ..." #prolifecon
8:37 AM

The importance of online media outlets is stressed in telling the truth about Planned Parenthood, and more viable alternatives. #prolifecon
8:38 AM

"Today is going to be a very important day for us." #prolifecon
8:40 AM

Vincent DiCaro, Chief Outreach Officer, CareNet #prolifecon
8:41 AM

Video being shown on behalf of CareNet. #prolifecon
8:41 AM

"4 out of 10 women who get abortions are actively going to church." #prolifecon
8:42 AM

"What conquers fear is love" and women considering abortion can be reached because "the church is the best place to offer it." #prolifecon
8:46 AM

A six-part DVD series is entitled "Making Life Disciples." #prolifecon
8:47 AM

"You actually help your goals by helping other people achieve their goals." #prolifecon
8:49 AM

"If you're bored with the content you're sharing, chances are they will be bored too." #prolifecon
8:52 AM

"Thank the people who contact you, and initiate automatic forms of response to maximize the outreach." #prolifecon
8:54 AM

"Ten things to not do when talking a woman out of an abortion." #prolifecon
8:57 AM

"Top 25 statistics on abortion in America" is a handy resource for "the average Joe." #prolifecon
8:58 AM

"We're not pro-life anymore. We're pro-abundant-life." #prolifecon
8:59 AM #prolifecon
9:01 AM

Jeanne Mancini, President, March for Life #prolifecon
9:02 AM

"Talking about our 'tweet-storm' today." #prolifecon
9:02 AM

Why We March. #whywemarch #prolifecon
9:03 AM

It's a special year to use digital media to express why we're pro-life, given the severe weather on the day of the March. #prolifecon
9:03 AM

Watch the March on EWTN or on #prolifecon
9:04 AM

"A little bit of snow, or a lot of snow, is not too big a sacrifice to make." #prolifecon
9:05 AM

Texting MARCH4LIFE to 99000. #prolifecon
9:06 AM

"Pro-life and pro-woman go hand in hand." #prolifecon
9:07 AM

"There's always the capacity for hope in healing." #prolifecon
9:08 AM

"There are many studies to show that women who have abortions have cases of ill health effects, or deaths of subsequent births." #prolifecon
9:09 AM

Ann McElhinney, Filmmaker #prolifecon
9:11 AM

"Two years ago, I was definitely pro-choice, but I'm not anymore, because of the story of Dr Gosnell." #prolifecon
9:12 AM

"Like" this: #prolifecon
9:13 AM

McElhinney shares how the unborn were killed, in some cases by Gosnell's staff being trained to snip the backs of their necks. #prolifecon
9:17 AM

"When you go to, read the comments that people have shared with us." #prolifecon
9:19 AM

Lisa Smiley, #prolifecon
9:24 AM

Lisa just had her fourth child, and so pre-recorded her message. #prolifecon
9:25 AM

Lisa writes about "the family, motherhood, God, and politics." #prolifecon
9:25 AM

"My Chinese mother broke the law, and gave birth to me and to my sisters." #prolifecon
9:25 AM

"We need more voices ... who are passionate about life, and who can use the internet." #prolifecon
9:29 AM

Family Research Council: a brief report on FRC's own activities on the pro-life front. #prolifecon
9:30 AM #prolifecon
9:31 AM

"According to a report of the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, we are winning." #prolifecon
9:32 AM

Chase Jennings is reporting from the National Mall this morning. #prolifecon
9:33 AM

Several women are being interviewed for testimonies on their work with "crisis pregnancies." #prolifecon
9:35 AM

"I am here as the child born of a rape victim." #prolifecon
9:35 AM

Alison Howard, Director of Alliance Relations, Alliance Defending Freedom #prolifecon
9:36 AM

"We kind of get to talk as a family about how our work is doing this year." #prolifecon
9:37 AM

"Planned Parenthood gets $500 million a year in taxpayer dollars." #prolifecon
9:37 AM

What follows is a comparison of what Planned Parenthood says, and what they actually do (or don't do). #prolifecon
9:38 AM

Over 8000 mammogram facilities in America. Planned Parenthood operates NONE of them (but do only referrals). #prolifecon
9:39 AM

Planned Parenthood is fighting proposed regulations for hospital and health care safety standards. #prolifecon
9:40 AM #prolifecon
9:43 AM

"We have presidential candidates mentioning our alternatives in Glamour magazine. We couldn't do that before." #prolifecon
9:46 AM

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council #prolifecon
9:47 AM

This year's Digital Prolife Pioneer Award goes to David Daleiden, Founder, Center for Medical Progress. #prolifecon
9:49 AM

Because of the work of CMP, the president of Planned Parenthood was forced to explain herself before Congress. #prolifecon
9:51 AM

Planned Parenthood is still refusing to answer questions on accountability for the harvesting of organs from the unborn. #prolifecon
9:55 AM

"We look forward to the day when a price tag is no longer placed on a human life." #prolifecon
9:58 AM

Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer/Founder, The Radiance Foundation #prolifecon
9:58 AM "Follow us at @lifehaspurpose." #prolifecon
10:03 AM

#ppsellsbabyparts #prolifecon
10:04 AM "If you don't rely on Common Core math ..." #prolifecon
10:05 AM

"Our site is not available due to an attack by extremists." If your site is hacked, why is your site up saying this? #prolfiecon
10:06 AM

The Radiance Foundation does an extraordinary job of multimedia presentations telling the truth about Planned Parenthood. #prolifecon
10:09 AM All Lives Matter! #prolifecon
10:10 AM

"Read. Tweet. Repeat." #prolifecon
10:11 AM

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA), House Majority Whip #prolifecon
10:14 AM

In the Louisiana legislature, and in state legislatures elsewhere, there is increased initiative against pro-abortion interests. #prolifecon
10:18 AM

"A few important wins on the House floor," not all of which were signed off by the President. #prolifecon
10:20 AM

We asked fellow party members "why wouldn't we use all our tools to produce a pro-life bill?" #prolifecon
10:22 AM

Congressman explains the process and complexities of gutting certain aspects of Obamacare with a narrow majority in the Senate. #prolifecon
10:25 AM

The Senate ultimately produced 52 votes for the bill. The President vetoed the bill. There is an effort to override the veto. #prolifecon
10:27 AM

"Imagine putting two more Scalias on the High Court. That's what's at stake in this next election." #prolifecon
10:28 AM

"We need to elect a President who shares our values. It's great to keep this battle going." #prolifecon
10:32 AM

Dustin Siggins, LifeSiteNews #prolifecon
10:37 AM

A short film precedes Mr Siggins' presentation. #prolifecon
10:38 AM

"The mainstream media won't touch this. Help us expose Planned Parenthood." #prolifecon
10:40 AM

When PP presents itself as a "women's health organization," helps to provide answers to that. #prolifecon
10:41 AM

Lauren Merz, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Live Action #prolifecon
10:48 AM

"The largest pro-life social media platform on the web." #prolifecon
10:48 AM #prolifecon
10:49 AM

Live Action was the producer of the most viral pro-life video ever in 2014, the result of undercover investigations. #prolifecon
10:54 AM

A short film: "3801 Lancaster." #prolifecon
10:56 AM

From the movie: "There's more oversight for women's hair salons than for abortion clinics in the State of Pennsylvania." #prolifecon
10:58 AM

Matthew Fridg, Social Media Director, 3801 Lancaster Film Project, addresses the crowd via Skype. #prolifecon
10:59 AM

"Do anything we can with the resources we have to get the word out" about this film. #prolifecon
11:04 AM #prolifecon
11:05 AM

Chase is back, and at the National Mall. #prolifecon
11:08 AM

Brandon Buell, 'Jaxon Strong' Facebook Community #prolifecon
11:10 AM

A short film about "Jackson," before Brandon Buell comes to the stage. #prolifecon
11:11 AM

"I'm here to tell his story," that of a developmentally disabled boy who is now (to the surprise of doctors) 17 months old. #prolifecon
11:13 AM

"Jackson is writing his own story and we're just along for the ride." #prolifecon
11:17 AM #prolifecon
11:19 AM

"We would never choose to play God in that situation. When did choosing a life become a selfish choice?" #prolifecon
11:20 AM

#jaxonstrong #prolifecon
11:21 AM

Governor Sam Brownback, (R-Kansas) #prolifecon
11:25 AM

The governor appears in a video message, thanking those present for their efforts. #prolifecon
11:26 AM

Looking ahead to 2016. #prolifecon
11:31 AM

"Now let's go out there and March!" And ... we're out! Look for the transcript later today at! #prolifecon
11:34 AM

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