Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I Walk Alone

Every now and then, The Good Men Project falls into the trap that is progressivism. Most of the time they manage to avoid it.

It’s in the quietness of solitude that a man can really see and hear himself; see where he is at in his life at that time and listen to what’s going on with himself emotionally. It’s here that you are able to extend your presence to the different parts of yourself; where you can give your deepest gift to yourself.

It is one of my regrets, that I was never able to afford a larger townhouse. Arlington Village has about twenty three-bedroom units out of several hundred, amounting to about 1200 square feet, which is about as much house as I believe I could handle (not counting the finished basement, of which there are none in this development). In addition to the master bedroom (with separate half-bath), there would be a guest room. The third and (probably) smallest upstairs room would be the study -- the "man cave," if you will -- so that one could contemplate the universe in solitude. After all, even Our Blessed Lord Himself fled into the desert, if only to be alone.

Our featured video is a 2007 student project by Michelle McPhearson, Lidia Benavides, Jewel Gonzalez, Gerald Craig, and Chris Hite, of Allan Hancock College.

Three lonely souls think they are the only ones out there that feel the way they do, and pass without knowing each other. They all have hopes and dreams that they do not fulfill.

Maybe if I win the lottery, or fall into an inheritance, I can move on up to a slightly larger footprint. Until then, somewhere in the world is a quiet place.

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