Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nobis Post Hoc Exsilium

"And after this, our exile ..."

Such is a phrase from the Marian antiphon Salve Regina (Hail Holy Queen). Our life on earth is but a moment compared to the reality of eternity. But even in that short time, one passes through transitions, such that one begins to wander in the desert, in search of whatever is next.

Most readers know (if any are leftover after following the pack from Patheos jump ship for Aleteia as if we couldn't see that coming) that I left my position as a Master of Ceremonies at a parish in northern Virginia last January, after more than eight years, and that I began training altar servers for the Traditional Mass at a parish in northeast Washington DC. The latter a couple of weeks ago, when the pastor decided that I had given him whatever guidance he needed to continue training the servers himself.

That deal was little more than two months. We'll see how it works out in about six months. Yes, I'm that good.

He might have done me a favor. I realized I needed a break from the commitment. The esteemed Catholic writer, lecturer, and unapologetic monarchist Charles Coloumbe once did a regular feature for the Los Angeles Lay Catholic Mission entitled “Roamin' Catholic,” where he went from one parish to another to describe the experience of Sunday Mass. I'm not sure I can do justice to his astute coverage, but starting this past Sunday, and for the next several weeks, I'm never going to the same place twice in a row. Maybe I'll have something to say, and maybe I won't. Not all experiences will be Traditional Latin Masses, and not all will be Roman. They will run the gamut.

I may end up running and screaming from at least one of them. Stay tuned ...

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