Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chickadees Revisited

One month ago today, mwbh ran a piece on the outspokenness of the recording artists The Dixie Chicks entitled "If they're only paid to sing and dance...". Recently, columnist Michelle Malkin devoted a segment to their behavior on her daily news webcast Hot Air Vent. That provoked a tale in her comments box that is just too good to pass up:

"I ran into Natalie Maines in the Nashville airport in 1997. Their first album had just come out but the money wasn’t rolling in yet, because she was on my Southwest flight to Austin... The dumb little woman stood in the terminal for an hour yakking on her cell phone at the top of her lungs - OBVIOUSLY begging people to notice her. A flunkie with her was wearing a CMT (Country Music Television) sweater, again clearly trying to point out she was 'somebody.' As far as I could tell, nobody but me even noticed... She walked up and down the terminal, blathering (pun intended) self-importantly into her cell, loud enough for everyone to hear... Best part of the story. Not only was she wearing spike heels and jeans way, way, way too tight… she was also wearing a fur coat. A clearly REAL fur coat..."

In light of the above, we are moved to tip the Black Hat for this week, to comedienne Kathy Griffin, whose Bravo TV series My Life on the D-List devoted one segment to her tour of Kuwait and Iraq. After wearing her contempt for the current administration on her sleeve, she nonetheless puts politics aside long enough, to raise the spirits of the men and women in uniform.

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Jack said...

Unfortunately, speaking quite too loudly on a cell phone is not indigenous to members of the Dixie Chicks. It a pandemic that confronts most of society, especially discernable when one's traveling on mass transportation (trains, buses, subway).