Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mid-Week Ad Random

• My parents celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary today. When I say "celebrate," that is to say that one of them will mention it to the other in passing, and Mom will go back to doing laundry, and Dad will continue reading the paper. Next year is the 55th; I'm waiting till then to send a card.

• The American bishops are meeting in Los Angeles this week. Hopefully they'll take one look at that butt-ugly new cathedral and decide what not to do on their own turf. They'll also be voting on the revised English translation of the Mass, a continuing subject of some detail here at MWBH. We'll get back to that later in the week.

• I finished class for the spring quarter at the Art Institute. Last time I was in college, I did two animation films. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented me from obtaining an academic minor in multimedia. I did reasonably well, and I expect a "B." I'm taking the summer off, and will return in the fall, probably

• Tomorrow, for the second time in my four years in the blogosphere, my work will appear as a guest column on another site. Stay tuned...

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