Monday, April 28, 2008

Der Tommissar: Back In Da House?

[From out of the western frontier, our cries have been heard, our prayers answered. Let the church bells ring, as Te Deums we sing. The Tomminator is alive and well. Deo gratias! -- DLA]

So seriously, back in like January or something, my hosting person sends me an email saying that the servers are barely creaking along and that she's going to send all the people she hosts to a different company that she worked a deal out with.

[That was an awesome sentence. Gaze upon it in wonder.]

So I said to myself, "Ok. I gotta make a note to contact this other company and set up a plan for when my plan expires at the end of the month."

Then, I promptly forgot about it and did nothing of the sort. Now I gotta figure out who I need to pay, and how much, and all this other stuff.

Add on the fact that we just bought a house up here in wonderful Colorado that requires a total interior overhaul and I just didn't have the time or energy to worry about paying someone else more money. Do you own stock in Lowe's? You're welcome. So now I'm going to go and dig through my email and find the stuff I need to get going again. That is, unless I decide to google "Eva Braun's favorite breakfast" or "history of flea circuses". Seriously, what is up with flea circuses? That's something I'd see on old cartoons and have no idea what was going on. By the same token, America's cities were once overrun with Italian men playing music for monkeys? For real? Why isn't this in our history books?


Mary Margaret said...

Glory be to God! I am so glad to know that Der Tommissar has not vanished into the ether. He is probably my favorite Trad. (oh, yeah, I like you, too, David--voted for you in the Crescat contest). I'll look forward to you returning to the blogosphere, Tom.

David L Alexander said...


I was wondering who the other person was besides me. Thanks so much for your support. I know I have a steady readership. I also suspect that most of those who read my work are not the kind of people who get excited about blogger awards. Call it a hunch.

Mary Margaret said...

Right you are, David. (may I call you David?) I don't get terribly excited about blogger awards, but I liked Crescat's categories. Us older Catholics have a serious sense of humor, don't we? Or would that be an ecumenical matter??? The important thing to remember is that Bishops love sci-fi!!! (apologies if you're not a fan of Father Ted)

David L Alexander said...

Personally, I watch awards because they indicate viewer trends, and where the state-of-the-art is going. I've been delayed from writing a piece on the recent slate due to more pressing matters, but this past year saw one or two significant trends, both of which indicate more stature given to bloggers who made their name in the medium itself, as opposed to the print arena. There is also increased interest in what I call "niche blogs," that is, blogs that cater to a select audience or issue. A case in point is the state of Catholic worship, which is one reason why our good Father Zuhlsdorf did so well in the CBAs. A growing number of people want the "straight skinny" from an authoritative and credible source, and he's the buzz this year. What else can I tell ya?

Der_Tommissar said...

And...I'm back

David L Alexander said...

Glad to hear it, Tomster. Now if you can just give us something more up to date than Ron Paul's smiling face and slightly crazed look in his eye (I think Photoshop can fix that), we'll know you haven't been living the past four months in a cave. Unless...

By the way, that rotating title bar? It totally rules. I'm gonna steal that idea when you're not looking.