Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Change You Can Believe In

...whether you like it or not.

For all you granola-crunching, New-York-Times-reading, Keith-Olbermann-watching, socially-enlightened visionaries who picked the winner in the last election (and you know who you are, K.N.), the victory party is over, and the payment is coming due. It will start with your utility bills, which you can expect to nearly double in the next year.

(An attempt to refute the facts in the ad has failed. To read about it, click here.)

Even with the President admitting flat out, that electricity rates would "skyrocket" as a result of the "Cap and Trade" bill, Congressman Tom Perriello (D-VA) caved to pressure from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to support the bill. An advertisement that was supposed to run in a local Roanoke television station was (ahem!) refused, then run with some, er, uh, modification.

There was a number to call Tommy Boy to try to talk him out of it. Now that it's too late, his constituents can call the number to tell him he is an idiot. Or, maybe they should all send him copies of their electric bills every month, and write on each one: "This time last year, the amount was for..." and so on.

He might get the message, especially after they run his @$$ out of office when his term is up in 2010.

And for a bonus feature, we've got some Tea Party action from Austin, Texas this past weekend. One of the Republicans who jumped on the bailout bandwagon got a snootful from the crowd. The word is out on weasels on both sides of the aisle.

Send them a message. Leave no doubt.

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matthew archbold said...

I hope cap and trade will be an albatross for all who voted for it.