Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AMU: “Ooops, we did it again!”

Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, a close friend of Pope Benedict XVI, and theologian-in-residence at Ave Maria University, was fired from AMU yesterday, after privately (mind you, that's PRIVATELY) expressing criticism over the university's finances.

Fessio wrote that he told Donahue [University founder and predominant benefactor] in November that the present administration at the university was “irrevocably wedded” to policies that were at the root of financial problems at the university and that without a change in administration, the university was “at great risk.”

The good Father's only mistake was crossing a man who thinks money may not buy happiness, but it can get you damn near everything else. Apparently the previous attempt at removing Fessio didn't teach certain people anything.

Even in college, some people never learn.

[THIS JUST IN: Father Z has Father Fessio's own account.]


Dad29 said...

A most peculiar situation, it is.

Michael Hirsh said...

Maybe Fr. Fessio should have invited President Obama to deliver a graduation address and to receive an honorary doctorate.

After all, according to Kathleen Kennedy, Obama is more Catholic than the Pope.