Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Minute Theatre: Animation Reel

It is midday Wednesday, and time once again for our “One Minute Theatre” here at mwbh.

Paul was five years old when I moved to Georgetown. I had a basement apartment just a short walk from the corner of N and Wisconsin. We ventured out one evening, just two guys out on the town, to see a Canadian animation festival at the old Biograph Theatre. They had one of those old-fashioned “nickelodeon” machines, and I had Paul take a look. As he turned the crank, the pictures came to life.

I've often wondered if that adventure may have inspired him. Every movable three-dimensional image begins life as a string of two-dimensional images. Our artist -- he is identified only as “rioyeti” -- shows us some examples of inspirations in their infancy.

Anybody here remember what “flip books” were for???

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Sharlie said...

The started out in penny arcades and then Cracker Jacks used them as an advertising tool. And today are still used for promotional products as party favors such as made by NOW FLiP THIS - a mobile flip book studio. See our process