Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking Charge

Occasionally, we here at mwbh like to be of service to the savvy consumer. Unless you raise your own chickens and tomatoes, pay only in cash, and keep your savings account underneath the mattress, you would know that credit card companies are using the current economic situation to be real jerks about everything. (One company lowered my limit because those clowns at E@#$%&*n claimed I did not have a mortgage, or something. You really gotta work at missing stuff like that!) Anyway, a recent piece by WCPO, the CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, tells you the six things you do not want to put on your credit card...

1. Traffic tickets
2. Cash advances
3. Lottery tickets
4. Repeated liquor purchases
5. Or strip clubs and x-rated Web sites

...or they will assume you're a high risk and raise your rates. Hey, I said there were six things, didn't I? Well, you won't believe the last item:

A shopping spree at a dollar store!

I never would have picked that one, but the author explains why.

[PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images. Used without permission or shame.]

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