Monday, July 26, 2010

Best Governor Christie Interview ... EVAH!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie plays down references to his being a political "rock star," reminding the public that “All politics is temporary.” But when you make the rounds of the Sunday morning talk shows -- yo, fuggedaboutit, you'se a rock star, pally! And with Jake Tapper at the other end, a man who can actually come off as a journalist (on ABC, the least biased of the "big three" not that that's sayin' much, but hey, know what I'm sayin'?), you've got something to keep all of us Chris Christie fans -- Republican, Democrat, and us Independents -- begging for more.

(NOTE: There's another blog posting this. I ran it by them earlier today, but I'm publishing it here anyways. You know what I tells 'em? “Fuggedaboutit!”)

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