Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Rorate Caeli is a blog devoted primarily to reports on the restoration of Catholic tradition. Two areas of specialty are the sacred worship of the Church, and the activities of separatist groups such as the Society of Saint Pius X (the SSPX, also known as the "Lefebvrites"). It is the latter that was a recent area of concern, as discussions over an accord between the SSPX and the Holy See, which would return them to the regular life of the Church, where the catalyst of a long (and in particular venue, recurring) combox discussion. Is “going rogue” the right means by which to preserve the Truths of the Faith, against modernist forces operating from within?

The Diocese of Arlington was canonically erected on May 28, 1974, by Pope Paul VI, its territory created from the twenty-one northernmost counties of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which before was a part of the Diocese of Richmond. Someone once said that “Arlington wasn’t split from Richmond, it seceded.” While the statement is not the least bit accurate, a recent homily by the Reverend Father Franklyn McAfee may lend it a hint of credence (albeit unintended). This was recorded at the Church of Saint John the Beloved, during a Traditional Solemn High Mass on July 11, the Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, with the above title.

Readers who cannot view the track with their browsers can access it here.

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