Monday, July 05, 2010

Cautionary Tales: Health Care

That's right, another new series. Cautionary Tales will be a Monday evening examination of the issues which are important to our readers, in an attempt to get beyond what passes for "analysis" in the mainstream media.

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We here at mwbh have been meaning to deal with the recently passed health care reform legislation. We wanted to sidestep the politicians who talk about "death panels." Not because they're wrong -- essentially, they're not -- but because the very use of the term opens them up to dismissal by the mainstream media as being "extremist." Once you find people who actually know something about health care (like, oh, I don't know, DOCTORS, maybe), that pretty much puts the focus on the issue where it belongs.

So we found a doctor, one who can talk about how the current state of Medicare and Medicaid affects her ability to practice medicine. Dr Martha Boone, an Atlanta urologist, considers the probable outcome of the new health care law. Because of her fears about "Obamacare" (which is reasonable considering the same people who manage ... well, you know), Boone moved to a less-expensive office so she could avoid dropping Medicare patients or laying off an employee.

It is then that we can turn to the lawmakers to talk about -- oh, how about THE LAW? In our case, the Honorable Ken Cuccinelli, Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia (the first and last true cradle of American civilization as we know it), discusses his state's lawsuit against "Obamacare" and the importance of tackling the Constitutional issues it raises.

Because, we here at mwbh sure do love our Constitution!

God bless America. HOO-rah.

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