Saturday, July 31, 2010

Life After Helen Thomas

There is an effort underway to influence the White House Correspondents Association, in the matter of filling the front-row-center seat once occupied by Helen Thomas. You may remember how she laid a sizable egg earlier this summer, by suggesting that the Jews leave Israel for parts of central and eastern Europe -- you know, where their parents and grandparents were gassed to death, right? For their meeting tomorrow, the choice has come down to Bloomberg News, Fox News, or National Public Radio. The petition reads:

FOX News is a right-wing propaganda operation, not a legitimate news organization. Award the seat vacated by Helen Thomas to NPR, which has provided public interest coverage of the presidency and the White House for almost four decades.

Uh, make that partially-taxpayer-funded public interest coverage. Oh, yeah, no way that could possibly be viewed as propaganda! Maybe we should split the difference and let Bloomberg have it. Then we could all have a good laugh and get on with our lives.

UPDATE: The vote is in, and it's unanimous: Fox News Channel gets the Helen Thomas chair. The Hill reports. Hot Air comments. You decide.

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