Friday, July 09, 2010

Mark Shea Explains It All For You (Again)

Western attitudes toward the "third world" is the Achilles heel of political correctness. For all the nonsense about telling each other to “think globally, act locally,” what we really want, is for THEM to act locally by not reproducing, so there will be more for US with which to act locally.

Mark Shea explains:

White First World Population Planners are perpetually bent on reducing the carbon footprint of impoverished third world countries they deem to have “too many children”. They have to fly all over the world on hundreds of jets every year to make sure that some guy burning a few sticks to cook his dinner in Kenya doesn’t suck up all the resources that are rightfully ours.

What else is there to be said? That Mark Shea is a genius. A GENIUS, I TELL YOU!!!


Left-Footer said...

Too right he is. Pity he cant be a bishop.

Left-Footer said...

My old and sticky keyboard and I apologise for the missing apostrophe in "can't".

No one could accuse Mark Shea of cant.