Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mister Tingles Goes To Washington

You can tell that Chris Matthews of MSNBC was taught by Jesuits at some point in his life, or at the very least, was influenced by them. If he were anything more than an empty suit with nice hair, he'd shut his pie hole long enough to let someone finish a damn sentence. But this is the sort of shenanigans that Jesuits try to pull when they know they can't win an argument.

Here he is, modus operandi at the ready, for the recent interview with Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. But Ryan is able to finish more than one sentence with this clown, mostly because he has his facts straight and sees the whole picture. But you also have to have some hair on your chest to stand up to this guy, and most people don't have it. Democrat Joseph Crowley of New York does not, although he loves to chime the mantra about "the failed Bush agenda." After all, we're almost two years into this four-year term, and it's still the norm to blame the previous term.

Matthews is starting to get tired of fawning over the President and his ilk as a knee-jerk reaction, and he should do more segments like this. Shooting fish in a barrel is poor sport. Give us some red meat, Mr Tingles!

(Note to Matthews: That's "trillion" with a "T," not "billion" with a "B.")

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