Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plug This: FiveFeetOfFury

“You’re not smart enough to tell me how to live.”

This occasional Tuesday feature is devoted to the lesser-knowns and up-and-comings of the Catholic blogosphere. But today we'll make an exception, for two reasons.

One is that Canadian writer/blogger/pundit Kathy Shaidle was in the Catholic blogosphere before there was a Catholic blogosphere. The other is that today is her tenth anniversary thereof and/or therein. The former author of Relapsed Catholic has since migrated her work to the more recent FiveFeetOfFury. To those obsessed with political correctness, Shaidle only looks harmless, but her irreverent insights and indefatigable combativeness keep observers of the culture wars coming back for more. Her battles with the Canadian political establishment serve as an inspiration for those of us Americans who, at the rate things are going, could end up with the same problems in about ten years.

Shaidle's 2007 blog-switch may have been motivated by any number of things, but her love for her Faith was not one of them. Then again, her contempt for the Catholic hierarchy's bumbling of the sex abuse scandals has been to the point of scorn, and perhaps, rightly so.

I don't believe Jon Stewart will have her on his show, because he knows she will bite him in the @$$ and spit it out.

Then ask what's for dessert. I think I'm in love.

VIDEO: Solidarity Rally for Geert Wilders, Toronto, Wednesday, 01/20/2010.

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