Sunday, July 04, 2010

“We hold these fools to be self-ignorant ...”

That was one of the comments at Hot Air, where Ed Morrissey reported on this clip of Jay Leno asking some really stupid people -- including a college professor, no kidding! -- about the significance of today. What if yours truly were one of the subjects? I can see it now ...

Jay Leno: “Who made the first American flag?”

Black Hat Guy: “Well, Jay, the popular answer is Betsy Ross, but no one really knows for certain. The instructions from the Continental Congress in 1777 were rather vague. Some versions had six- or even eight-pointed stars, others had them arranged differently, still others had the alternating stripes with white on the outside instead of red. But the design attributed to Betsy Ross became the standard by about 1780, and even then, the only reason for the stars being five-pointed was expediency, as she only needed to use one snip of the scissors. (Takes a pair of scissors and a piece of paper.) Here, Jay, I’ll show you how she ...”

Jay Leno: “A-a-and, quick, let’s cut to commercial.”

It could happen.

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