Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Civility Yada Yada Yada ...

In light of the recent tragic shootings in Arizona, security has been stepped up at and around the United States Capitol. We'll probably notice more police cars parked in strategic locations, both near the White House, and certain other government buildings in and around the District. People want to blame someone else's rhetoric before their own, and are calling to outlaw the use of symbols like crosshairs (like, oh, this one here).

The liberal establishment is also calling for more civil discourse in the public square, even as it continues among many of them. Saul Alinsky would certainly be proud of these poseurs. Let us watch as one of them, currently the deputy press secretary at the White House, gives Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly a lesson in civility, in this clip (which we never tire of showing) from October 2008.

That's our leadership, keeping it classy!

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Anonymous said...

Civility for Thee, but not for Me.