Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Counting Heads

The annual March For Life has drawn a crowd of roughly two hundred thousand each year for the last several years. How does The Washington Post report that estimate?

Thousands of bundled-up abortion opponents rallied Monday on the Mall ...

Thousands? Also in the article, they report on the crowd at a related event that occurs the morning of the March.

For the first time, a morning Mass at Verizon Center was expanded to the D.C. Armory, where a parallel event was held. More than 27,000 young people attended the events ...

Twenty-seven thousand. That number approaches "tens of thousands."

So, nearly tens of thousands of people traveled from around the country, to attend an event that was subordinate to the main event, which only "thousands" attended.

You with me so far?

It is obvious that the mainstream media pathetically underrates the crowd at the largest annual public assembly in the Nation's capital, with the exception of the Fourth of July. Many have reported on this. What is less obvious, and is worthy of note, is that they are getting very bad at concealing it. And we wonder how a man with no executive experience, and almost no congressional experience, could possibly be elected President. Why does this happen, America?

Because ... you'll believe anything.

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