Thursday, January 06, 2011

From our bulging “kids say the darndest things” files ...

Sometimes, watching Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show is actually worth the trouble.

Most of us have heard about the city of San Francisco banning McDonald's Happy Meals, because they use toys to entice children to wait until their parents aren't looking and use their allowance to order fast food that is bad for them. Now we get to meet the guy who came up with this stupid idea, and watch with amusement how his reasoning stands up to scrutiny. Then, of course, we hear from the children themselves. My favorite line: “I think it is the worst thing the city has ever done, and if they don’t start giving out the toys, good bye.” (02:34)

Sounds like something my own son would say at that age. He always did make me so proud. (snif!)

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LarryD said...

That was funny - especially the Netflix part. LOL!