Monday, January 31, 2011

The More-Or-Less Best of 2010

Maybe some of you are still writing "2010" on your checks by accident, which is a sign that the new year is still new. (Personally, I do enough transacting online that it's not much of a problem anymore.) So, we here at man with black hat would like to extend a special welcome to everybody who found us via Facebook and/or Twitter in the past year. Our readership here continued to rise steadily during 2010 -- and for good reason.

What follows is a proposed “Top 25” list of writings from the previous year. I wish I could make it a "Top 50" list, but hey, let's not get carried away, right? Whether they are "the best of the best" is not so much certain, as they are collectively among the most representative of the “Raison D'Etre” of mwbh (see top of blue sidebar at right), and among those which gained significant reader response.

If nothing else, this should tide you over until we can rustle up some fresh meat.

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Fri Jan 22
Blogs For Life: Twitcast and Transcript

Our first coverage of the annual prolife bloggers' seminar in Washington DC, originally sent out via Twitter, and reproduced here in transcript form.

Mon Feb 01
They Don’t Make Nun Names (Like That No More)

This writer stumbled upon this on YouTube recently, and it brought back memories, both of first hearing it, and of that which inspired it. If you grew up Catholic fifty years ago, you'll understand. If not ... well, you might.

Tue Mar 16
“The drowning man ...”

A bold prediction was made about the Scandals in the Church, which all of you blissfully ignored. Ten years from now, you'll all say: "For an arrogant son of a b@#$%, he was right on the mark that time." We're giving you one last chance.

Thu Apr 8
“Da mihi animas, cetera tolle!”

“Give me souls, take away everything else!” The obligatory "Year of the Priest" homily, given by that renowned homilist and teller-of-tall-tales, Father Franklyn McAfee.

Thu Apr 15
Guitar Workshop: Gettin' Rhythm

One of our best beginner guitar lessons of the year, at the hands of Mother Maybelle Carter herself, with a little extra for those on the fast track.

Mon May 10
Spring Cleaning Revisited

If you're concerned about the prospect of rising food prices in the coming years, look out your front door. The solution may be right in front of you. Really.

Sat May 15
Another One Rides the Bus

An incident on Metrobus, and a cautionary tale of the eventual end of civilization as we know it. And this time, we have a picture of the offender, for the whole world to see.

Wed Jun 23
Is Catholic TV Getting “Real”?

"We hear enough about a 'crisis in the Church.' It's time to start talking tough, boys and girls. Time for the long pants, time to bring out the big guns, time to take off the gloves, time to hunker down, time to call, raise, or fold." Sure, whatever.

Mon Jul 26
Scouts March on Washington: Parade

Very few groups get to have a parade down the main streets of the Nation's capital, and the Boy Scouts of America haven't done it since 1937. This one was for the centennial, and yours truly was there to help the guys make history.

Tue Aug 31
“Cujus regni non erit finis.”

There is a notion among some of the like-minded in America, that conservatism" in politics and orthodoxy in Catholicism fit hand in glove. And yet, "His Kingdom is not of this world. Isn't it time to stop thinking on the terms of the world?"

Mon Sep 27
Cautionary Tales: The Inevitable?

We hear if often enough, that the world is changing faster every day. Nine areas of our lives could change for better or worse, but they will regardless.

Mon Sep 13
Tom O’Rourke: A Remembrance

A remembrance of an old buddy from high school, and a reminder of how far yours truly has traveled: "Tom was the best guitar player in the class. I first learned the blues from Tom; not just how to play it, but how to feel it ..."

Fri Sep 17
Look Down That Lonesome Road

A further tribute to the late great Tom O'Rourke, published before a road trip to Ohio that was just thirty-seven hours there and back.

Tue Oct 05
“Vas you effer in Zinzinnati?”: The 2010 Remix

For the first time, "Sal" wishes she could have stayed in Cincinnati a bit longer. Things are looking up.

Wed Oct 06

They say the rebellion of youth, no matter how turbulent, passes by the twenty-fifth birthday. Who would have believed it?

Sat Oct 30
The Paradigms of Papists

Dedicated to the late Joseph Sobran, an exploration of the preconceptions of American Catholics along partisan political lines, and where such thinking falls short of proclaiming the Faith in the public square. One of the most important works ever published at mwbh. Naturally, very few of you read it. Once again, one more chance ...

Fri Oct 15
Things I Hate About The Bars In DC

Because sooner or later, there had to be an observation about the nightlife in DC, and how it's not always all it's cracked up to be, especially once you're old enough to know better.

Fri Nov 05
FAMW: Greetings at Heathrow Airport

An ordinary day, in an ordinary place. One person, then another, then all break into song, with the obligatory dance number. Suddenly, the world is a better-than-ordinary place. One of our favorite Friday Afternoon Moments of Whimsy.

Tue Nov 09
Anatomy of a Hate Crime

A family reunion on Facebook turns into an exercise in political correctness -- or INcorrectness, if you will. We break down the process step by step. Don't let this happen to you.

Mon Nov 15
The (So-Called) Kicanas Conundrum

The annual American bishops' meeting in Baltimore provided at least one big surprise this year. Was it because of the work of a few stalwart Catholic lay activists, or because the high churchmen had a spell of high anxiety? You decide.

Sun Nov 28
Dolan Reconsidered

People were outraged by Archbishop Thomas Dolan's explanation of the Church with regard to interfaith relations. A bit of perspective in the Catholic blogosphere was in order, and a guest commenter so brilliantly provided it.

Sun Nov 21
Paruparong Bukid

The exploration of a Filipino folk song, as a tribute to one of the truly special people, in the otherwise uneventful life of yours truly.

Wed Dec 08
Salve Regina: Variations on a Theme

A favorite Marian hymn is explored, and its interpretation by a new generation is considered.

Tue Dec 15
Thirty Years After

A look back at thirty years of Government service on the part of yours truly, and of life in the city where it happens.

Fri Dec 31
“Should auld acquaintance be forgot ...”

A final look at the year, and two events in particular which shaped it; a reunion at my university, and a celebration of Scouting where the boys were the main attraction.

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Same time next year, huh guys?

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