Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Wikileaks Hath Wrought

You say your kids can't stay off the computer, and you wish they'd develop their artistic skills half as much as their ranking in the World of Warcraft? Well, weep no more, dear reader. Using “My Coloring Book” from Kea Software, some enterprising person who appears not to be giving his name for fear of being labeled a national security risk has developed ...

The Julian Assange Coloring Book

... that is sure to keep your younguns amazed and amused for hours on end, not to mention sneaking an occasional peak at your copy of Le Monde or Der Spiegel. Check out these exciting results from Alicia of Western Australia. The possibilities are endless! Be sure to check out the other variations on a theme. As long as the power stays on, or the generator's gassed up, there won't be any cabin fever in YOUR house.

Someone was going to think of this sooner or later, and a Tip of the Black Hat goes out to the guy who did it sooner.

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