Monday, May 07, 2012

Hey, kids, time for another “honest conversation” about race.

In this clip, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is referred to as a "bow tyin' white boy" by one attitude-laden Jehmu Green, who gets a pass on racist comments because she is black. (I wonder why Megyn Kelly didn't slap her around a bit. She's really good at that. Meow!) There was a time in the federal government workplace -- pretty much throughout the 1990s where I worked -- that this was quite common. Thankfully, I don't believe it would happen now.

They're talking about some professor in Massachusetts who has been claiming ethnic minority status for years, essentially wearing it on her sleeve, even though the person in question, not only is a mere one-thirty-second Native American, but has never registered with a Native American tribe, which would be prerequisite for her to claim such status, even in part, her high cheekbones notwithstanding.

At one time, in southern states such as Louisiana, being only one-sixteenth black was enough for you to be legally black, which probably meant you couldn't legally marry someone who was officially white. Or something. All that changed with the Supreme Court's 1967 ruling in the case of Loving vs Virginia.

We can sing "we shall overcome" all we want to. Once we do, the name-calling is pretty much out of order on either side of the fence, don't you think?

Or don't you?


Anonymous said...

Re: White Boy. Whites are now calling out racism. Why did you not show the clip of O'reilly making a racially toned comment about Sheila Jackson? Why didn't you show the 'terrorist fist bump' comment? Why did you not show the angry black women comment made by a white commenter on fox news? This man named 3 black members of congress and said they were all 'angry black women'. Yet gov. Christie has never been called an 'angry Italian or angry white man (even though he is). Also another white man called Obama, on TV 'The welfare president" in that his only job will be increasing the income of welfare recipients. He was also called a 'thug'. It is funny how you whites can talk about racism but never call out the biggest racists in this country... For every black person you find making 'racially charged' comments, there are 10 whites doing this on TV and they never get punished.

David L Alexander said...

Dear 979ca772-7b08-11e1-a8a1-000bcdcb5194:

Yeah, like I got the whole damn day to play tit-for-tat with some troll who won't give me his name.

No one who knows me would ever accuse me of being racist, least of all the non-white woman I'm seen with in a lot of pictures lately. And you didn't -- well, not quite -- I'm going to cut you a break, and share this with you: Click here.