Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morgan vs Lovitz: “By Jove, Piers, you’ve got to let me finish!”

The research department here at mwbh has been slacking off lately, and it may be time for heads to roll. It didn't occur to any of them that "mediaite + piers + morgan + jon + lovitz" might be just the thing for a search engine to find the video clip we were looking for on Monday morning, of CNN commentator Piers Morgan interviewing comedian Jon Lovitz.

And here it is. Sure, it's a couple of weeks old, but this CNN interview is worth watching anyway, with so much at stake in this election year. Are any of Lovitz' pals in Hollywood disillusioned with President Obama? What you learn might surprise you, but it shouldn't.

Stay tuned for carefully reasoned commentary on financial matters from a man who makes his living telling jokes, and listen for his "Master Thespian" moments at 04:24 and 07:33. (To be fair, Morgan was a good sport about it.)

Telling off a talking head. Priceless.

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Jen Raiche said...

Priceless! Glad Jon Lovitz was finally able to get his point across. Good for him for taking CNN to task here.