Friday, May 11, 2012

Obligatory “Double Standards in the Press” Comment

There are many, MANY things we do not know about the formative years of the current President, things that would be the subject of countless news stories if it were any other individual either running for, or occupying, the highest office in the land. But at the rate the Washington Post is going, we are bound to learn every childhood and college fraternity prank done by his challenger in this election, while the President himself is permitted considerable latitude.

There appears to be no shortage of a sense of "entitlement" to go around.

So, while we're waiting for a critical examination of the substance of President Obama's writings while a student at Columbia University (of which few, if any, have never been disclosed), his academic performance at Harvard (of which we know little), or his associations with individuals such as Bill Ayers, who has admitted to violent acts against government property (the kind with innocent human beings working within at the time). let us consider the degree of journalistic integrity in which the Post has engaged so far, and consider also the prospect that there are formative events in the life of a man that force him to change -- as Saint Paul said, to "put on the new man."

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