Monday, November 12, 2012

Obligatory Bishops’ Meeting “Church Chat” Segment

We here at man with black hat simply cannot be everywhere, not like those "professional Catholics" such as my Close and Personal Friend Mark Shea, whom I understand was flown clear across the country (by coach, right?) to Baltimore for the bishops' meeting this week, supposedly to talk about blogging and social media and stuff (or maybe just to hang out in the lobby and wait for people to interview him, whatever). And to think I live just an hour away by car. Do you know they spend several million dollars on that annual soirée every year? Even after they moved it from Washington to Baltimore?

And they invited Rocco Palmo? Boy, that hurts.

Anyway, at some point, this was reported:

@roccopalmo: (Cardinal) Dolan: "The church made a mistake" in watering down Fri abstinence. In other words, you can bank it that year-round's coming back #usccb12

Do I observe it year-round? I did when I was married. My parents did for most of their lives until recent years. I observe it sporadically beyond penitential seasons. My substitution of penance is usually fasting. Personally, I could live with Friday abstinence being year-round. I think a lot of Catholics could live with it, both young and old, once they get used to the idea. It may seem like a trifle to some of you anointed ones in the Catholic intelligensia, but if it helps us to identify more with our Catholicity instead of less, it's a small price to pay.

Besides, I believe it was Teresa of Avila who said: “Trifles make for holiness, and holiness is no trifle.” Makes sense, don't you think?

Or don't you?

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