Monday, January 27, 2014

“I read the news today, oh boy ...” (St Angela Merici Edition)

This past Wednesday, in what can only prove all the more to their being the least credible news source in America, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell interrupted former Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-CA), as they were discussing the National Security Agency's increasing (and most likely illegal) surveillance of private citizens, to report breaking news on the arrest of popstar Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, some left-wing nut job thinks this is a right-wing conspiracy.

Yeah. Right.

Meanwhile (yawn!), elsewhere on planet Earth:

Remember how you used to look up at the clouds and think maybe one of them looked like a jelly doughnut? Well, they're doing that with rocks on Mars now. [The Independent]

Neil Young wants the Canadian government to honor (ooops, I mean, "honour") its treaty with the Indians regarding land use rights, because Indians are, like, totally cool, you know? [The Toronto Sun]

Years ago, they had young ladies passing out samples of Marlboro cigarettes in those red-and-white boxes. Look for the green-and-white boxes to appear real soon. [Abril Uno]

No, wait, that last story was made up, and it just slipped past us. Oh well, here's one almost as believable, that women in Afghanistan were once able to go to college, wear skirts above the ankle, and mix freely with men. Only this time, the photos are real. Lots of 'em. [The Daily Mail]

You've seen the uniforms that Team USA is wearing for the opening of the Winter Olympics, but they've got nothing on the Norwegian curling team. [The Wall Street Journal]

Finally, the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is revealed, and you read it here first (or, if you're headed there anytime soon, you read it here last). [Gizmodo]

And that's all the news that fits (including Uncle Jay's kitty cat video). As the week goes on, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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