Tuesday, May 13, 2003


Last night I attended my son's AA meeting, where he celebrated one year of sobriety. Paul had a rough go of it for awhile, and he still comes to grips with issues like giving up smoking, focusing on school, life with his mother, and rebuilding his relationship with his father. To serve the latter, tonight we'll go bargain-hunting at thrift stores for a tuxedo. If we find one that fits him, he'll save a lot of money on rental for his first prom. (Paul is in the eleventh grade.) His mother was also there, and we both got to meet his friend "Sarah," another member of the Program, who will be his escort for the evening in question. Nice girl. He could do worse.

Meanwhile, I am relieved by the thought of losing that extra pound or two that crept up on me in the past month. (From a peak of 220 pounds in September 2001, I have been holding at around 190 pounds since the first of the year. My ultimate goal is 170-175. No gimmicks, just diet and exercise. Stay tuned...) At least now my blue suit will fit comfortably rather than tightly, for when I go to my sister Pat's wedding in at a parish near Cincinnati this Saturday.

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