Monday, May 05, 2003

Cinco de Mayo

Today is a national holiday in Mexico. It's not their Independence Day, and the day tends to get more attention up here in "El Norte." Yet the past weekend was full of excuses to play Latin music outdoors and drink plenty of Corona beer.

I spent the weekend looking for a decent salsa dance. After two failed attempts on Friday and Saturday night (Long story.), I finally got the chance on Sunday night. Yes, I could have gone into Baltimore that afternoon to watch Buckwheat Zydeco play for a bunch of drunks. But I passed. After all, it could only have been more exciting in Cincinnati, where we know how to party.

Anyway, last night I learned of a great salsa mixer known as a "rueda." I first saw this done in "Dance With Me," a 1998 sleeper of a movie starring Vanessa Williams and Cheyanne. I just assumed it was some over-choreographed moment for the camera. Then I saw it in real life.

I also bought a tent at Goodwill. A 10 by 12 Greatland (the house brand for Target) dome tent with a 6 foot center height. For twenty bucks, everything works. Not a bad deal -- so far. What will happen when it rains? Stay tuned...

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