Monday, May 12, 2003

Another Song and Dance Weekend

I didn't expect this past weekend to amount to much. After all, most of the zydeco crowd was in Fort Lauderdale for the Annual Crawfish Festival or whatever it's called. I have to wait a year or so before re-living my college spring break fantasies that never happened.

Fortunately, one of those few who stayed around had other ideas. "Sheila" lives in a high-rise downtown and doesn't own a car, and sometimes I give her rides to dances. We wheeled on uptown to the Chevy Chase Ballroom, where Tom Koerner and Debra Sternberg held court for the area swing kids. Having been a terminally-intermediate swing dancer for the last twenty years, I did better than I thought. Best of all, I won the door prize of a free series of lessons. In working out the details, I confessed to Debra that Tom Koerner was the attorney who represented my so-called "wife" in the divorce, and wanted her to tell him this would make us even. What a hoot!

It was a bad weekend for salsa. Not enough women at the places in Adams Morgan on Saturday night. So I trucked on over to Glen Echo Park for an evening of Peaches O'Dell and Her All He-Man Orchestra.

Sunday, I called Mama, doing what I always do, with a song in my heart:

"M is for the many things she gave me.
O is for the OTHER things she did.
Put them both together, they spell... MOTHER!
From your long lost son -- Da-v-i-i-i-i-d!!!"

(copyright ©1995 David Lawrence Alexander)

It still gets to her every year.

That afternoon a group of us went to the Greek Festival at Saint Sophia's Cathedral. I'm still in search of the perfect icon of Christ the Teacher. Stay tuned...

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