Friday, May 07, 2004

Random Thoughts As The Sun Comes Out

The press is getting excited about Iraqi prisoners and others having been inhumanely treated at the camp at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. It has already been a problem at USA-occupied "Gitmo Bay" on the coast of Cuba for over a year. I guess we were too busy wrapping ourselves in the flag to notice. I'm as patriotic as the next guy, but treating men like animals is NOT the American way; I don't care who does it, or to whom. Fortunately, everybody all over the world still wants to come here. Makes you wonder why they hate us anyway.

Meanwhile, everyone with enough time on their hands is waxing philosophical over the end of the TV sitcom "Friends." I never got that involved in it. Maybe it's because... well, IT'S NOT REAL LIFE, PEOPLE!!! You've got six really good-looking, well-groomed pretty people falling in and out of love, or the sack, or whatever. I gave up on watching "Frasier" after I got tired of seeing Kelsey Grammer's character make such a jack@$$ of himself. It was actually painful to watch a guy my age act that way.

I can do that on my own in real life.

I've actually been going out dancing less in the last month or so. Truth is, I got spoiled. "Sal" is the perfect dance partner, and now she's out in California, for some extended work assignment or visiting relatives or God-knows-what-all, due to return during the summer. What with all the WW2 reunions and USO benefit shindigs we've got coming down the pike this summer, I might just break down and send her a one-way ticket back here. (Does that sound desperate to you? Oh, never mind.)

Meanwhile, it's amazing how much you can accumulate if you stay at one address long enough. I've been at the basement studio in North Arlington for ten years come this August. That's the longest I've ever been at one address, other than where I grew up in Ohio. So tonight (that's Friday night, kids!), rather than paint the town, I'll be going through the closets and separating the wheat from the chaff, while the TV is tuned to more quality programs like ABC's "Joan of Arcadia," or damn near anything from The History Channel.

This could go well into the night (when they run "The X-Files" in syndication), and into Saturday morning.

Till then...

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