Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Interregnum: Day Four

Now that the 24/7 news channels have moved beyond overkill of the Holy Father's passing (having exhausted their sources of dillatantes to trot out), you can obtain continuous coverage of events at the Vatican with (what else?) streaming video from Vatican TV. (RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required.) Meanwhile, as long as everybody else is getting into the act, Andrew Greeley weighs in on the possible outcome of the next conclave: "Right now a German Brazilian Franciscan looks like a pretty good one-person balanced ticket."

That's about as good as anything else we've heard so far.


Anonymous said...

Still there?

David L Alexander said...

Yep. There have been technical difficulties with my weblog for nearly three weeks now. Only last week did anyone from Blogger take the time out from playing video games and sipping lattes to get to the root of the problem. I have the information; just haven't had time to fix it. Meanwhile, I missed the end of one pontificate, and the beginning of another. Once I get things up and running, I may or may not transfer the whole kit and kaboodle to a new provider. I should be back on track by next week.

A tribute to the late John Paul II is awaiting publication. It was posted on relapsed catholic (Thanks, Kath!), but can also be accessed here:

"Reverend Uncle": An Encomium

So, boys and girls, until I'm "back in the saddle again," stay tuned... and stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

Are you up on a different URL now?