Friday, April 01, 2005

No Foolin'

Now that the USA is no longer a nation under the rule of law, but rather judicial fiat (see recent entry of Mar 22, and try to prove otherwise, if you dare!), we at MWBH aren't exactly in the mood for playing jokes.

Then again, it might be a good day to draw attention to this entry from the Old Farmer's Almanac, in reference to "the Feast of Fools"...
The term "All Fools," was probably meant as a deliberate stab at All Saints (November 1) and All Souls (November 2) Day. Although the origin of playing practical jokes and pranks on this day is hazy, many folklorists believe it may go back to 16th-century France. At that time, New Year's Day was March 25, with a full week of partying and exchanging gifts until April 1. In 1582, the Gregorian calendar moved New Year's Day to January 1. Those who forgot or refused to honor the new calendar were the butts of jokes and ridicule. Weather folklore states, "If it thunders on All Fools Day, it brings good crops of corn and hay."
It may also be fitting that the Paschal season be highlighted this weekend, by what has been declared "Divine Mercy Sunday." We could probably use all we could get at the moment. Stay tuned...

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