Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Interregnum: The View From Arlington

The various parishes in my home diocese of Arlington, Virginia, have announced their schedules of Masses and Holy Hours during the interregnum. Here's the one that struck my fancy for tonight:
Theology on Tap at Whitlow’s in Arlington with a happy hour from 6:30 -7:30 PM, Father Marcus Pollard to speak on “Pope John Paul II & The New Evangelization: What Does It Mean?” at 7:30 PM, and Q&A at 8 PM.
Hey, I'll finally be able to drink to the guy.

On Friday, the day of burial, the Bishop of Arlington will announce the beginning of the novendiales, or official nine-day period of mourning. A booklet has been prepared by the USCCB Committee on the Liturgy with prayers for each day of such a novena. It is available as a PDF file by clicking here.

MWBH has decided to present an abbreviated version of this commemoration over the entire nine-day period. Each entry will consist of the reading of the day, followed by the accompanying oration. Stay tuned on that one...

Meanwhile, the pundits continue... well, punditing. The cable news channels have given some attention to Amy Welborn and Open Book, with its numerous links to other commentaries, and ongoing comments-box marathons. One of the best would have to be any involving George Weigel, author of the papal biography Witness to Hope, and who is also working on a book of his passing and legacy, as yet untitled, scheduled for release later this year.

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