Sunday, July 29, 2007

Adveniat Regnum Tuum

Not that the widespread wings of wrong brood o'er a moaning earth,
Not from the clinging curse of gold, the random lot of birth;
Not from the misery of the weal, the madness of the strong,
Goes upward from our lips the cry, "How long, oh Lord, how long?"

Not only from the huts of toil, the dens of sin and shame,
From lordly halls and peaceful homes the cry goes up the same;
Deep in the heart of every man, where'er his life be spent,
There is a noble weariness, a holy discontent.

Where'er to mortal eyes has come, in silence dark and lone,
Some glimmer of the far-off light the world has never known,
Some ghostly echoes from a dream of earth's triumphal song,
Then as the vision fades we cry, "How long, oh Lord, how long?"

Long ages, from the dawn of time, men's toiling march has wound
Towards the world they ever sought, the world they never found;
Still far before their toiling path the glimmering promise lay,
Still hovered round the struggling race, a dream by night and day.

Mid darkening care and clinging sin they sought their unknown home,
Yet ne'er the perfect glory came -- Lord, will it ever come?
The weeding of earth's garden bread from all its growths of wrong,
When all man's soul shall be a prayer, and all his life a song.

Aye, though through many a starless night we guard the flaming oil,
Through we have watched a wary watch, and toiled a weary toil,
Though in the midnight wilderness, we wander still forlorn,
Yet bear we in our hearts the proof that God shall send the dawn.

Deep in the tablets of our hearts He writes that yearning still,
The longing that His hand hath wrought shall not His hand fulfill?
Though death shall close upon us all before that hour we see,
The goal of ages yet is there -- the good time yet to be:

Therefore, tonight, from varied lips, in every house and home,
Goes up to God the common prayer, "Father, Thy Kingdom Come."

-- G K Chesterton (†1936)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds as though it would fit on my recent manic depression & creativity post!