Thursday, July 05, 2007

Critical Mass: Pope Benedict's Vision

Earlier this week, Rorate Caeli, following an item from I.Media, reported that the "motu proprio" which calls for the extended use of the classical Roman rite (the "Tridentine Mass"), and expected for public release on the 7th of July (knock on wood!), is to be entitled Summorum Pontificum. (My Latin is not what it used to be; something about giving a hint.) Traditional convention calls for a Vatican document to be named for the first two or three words of its text.

Shawn Tribe of The New Liturgical Movement provides a link to an interview with the Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, a former student and longtime confidant of Pope Benedict. Father Fessio is interviewed about the Motu Proprio, the Old Mass, and their places in the big picture that is the "reform of the reform" of Catholic worship. Our Technical Staff here at mwbh managed to throw together a direct clip for our viewing convenience.

You didn't really have any other blogs to read today, did you?

Even if nothing happens this Saturday, the cat is already out of the bag, if only for a select audience of thirty-some bishops, and the entire affair is only a matter of time.

On that note, let's roll the clip!

[THIS JUST IN: Rocco Palmo has the opening paragraphs of the Latin text. Effective date September 14, Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross. Some people are crying foul, citing the premature nature of this release, and an alleged "embargo" imposed by the Vatican Press Office. Our information as this is written does not support that claim. Maybe some people just sore because Rocco got it first. Beats the hell outa me. Developing...]

["MORNING AFTER" UPDATE: Somebody had the presence of mind to say to themselves, hey, let's publish the damned embargo statement rather than just allude to it and trash somebody we think is a twit. So, they did. Seems there's an embargo after all, emerging from the realm of gnostic wisdom, to be found here. A Tip of the Black Hat to Gerald Augustinus for his dilligence. Better hurry and read it, too, 'cuz in 24 hours, we'll all be too busy singing Te Deum give a rat's patootie.]

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