Friday, December 28, 2007


Holy Innocents or "Childermas Day" is celebrated on December 28. The Gospel tells the story simply. "Herod sent and slew all the boys in Bethlehem who were two years old or under." He had intended to include the Son of God among the murdered babies. To recall the grief of their mothers the Church wears purple today...

[UPDATE: Something has been brought to my attention which I should have known, that the Church actually wears RED vestments on this day, as the color of martyrdom. Where the purple thing came from I don't know. Hey, I just link this stuff.]

[THIS JUST IN: Nicholas Trandem writes: "Before the unfortunate changes of the 60s, the color was Violet, unless the Feast fell on a Sunday. From the Catholic Encylopedia ( The liturgical colour of the Roman Church is purple, not red, because these children were martyred at a time when they could not attain the beatific vision... On the octave day, and also when the feast falls on a Sunday, the Roman Liturgy, prescribes the red colour." Thanks, Nick.]

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