Monday, December 24, 2007

One Solitary Life

It is a poem we have all heard at one point in our lives. We won't hear it on mainstream television anymore. But tomorrow the stores will be closed; not because of Chanukkah, or Kwaanza, or Eid, or Saturnalia, or whatever holiday the Druids celebrate. Virtually everything in the USA, and in much of the world, will shut down because of Christmas. This video clip of an old Bing Crosby special in the late 1960s, is a reminder of "the reason for the season."

We have become slaves to a world of political correctness and social intimidation. It is a malaise that is less intended to civilize, that it is to apply the thin veneer of "inclusiveness" at the behest of those who would be loathe to return the favor. And yet, for one day, if only in the popular culture, Christ is the victor. That one day will become an eternity, and its scope beyond the whims of fashion, all in due time. He will appear at the right hand of God, the Final Judge of all who have ever lived. Until then, He appears to us as a babe in a feeding trough, born of a Virgin, in the presence of beasts of burden, and of the peasants who tend to them.

We have heard the voices of prophets tell us of this night. The world will be in stillness to witness that miracle once again. A blessed Christmas to all, from Chez Alexandre, and from all of us at man with black hat.

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