Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Biting the Bullet Revisited

I got several responses to my recent piece entitled "They Labor In Vain Who Build It: Biting the Bullet on the Catholic Celebrity Racket." Mark Forrest, author of The Discalced Yooper, only publishes rarely now. Such is our loss, as he is one of the sharpest minds in the Catholic blogosphere. Naturally, his response to the musings of yours truly deserves a place of its own. Right here:

"Perhaps if we stopped acting like these people were celebrities, we would solve half of these issues. I could ask my mother or grandmother their opinions of the usual suspects, and they would just shrug their shoulders. Only a handful of 'popular' blogs have enough readership to be considered a decent sized parish. A lot of people seem to care about GA, and I'm sure he enjoys to a degree his little following. My goodness though. Should people really be getting worked up about a guy with a blog in California? I don't know about you, but I don't have to look very far to find sympathy for those with homosexual tendencies. And yes, his opinion is wrong, but so what? A person on the Internet is wrong. Who would have thunk it? Perhaps if these folks weren't so utterly devoid of actual communion at a parish, they might stop making idols of bloggers."

I think he's trying to tell some of us to GET A LIFE! He's probably right. He's also suggesting that many of us cannot achieve "actual communion at a parish." I'm reminded of that when I go back to my home parish in Ohio, and they cross the aisles to hold hands during the Lord's Prayer. Oy vey!


Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I found you....

Ad Iesum per Mariam,
Deborah deCesare

The only Carmelite you ever loved ;p

David L Alexander said...

Oh, real cute. Now that you found me, are you gonna write me at manwithblackhat at yahoo dot com, and tell me how the hell I'm supposed to reach you, or do I have to spend an hour driving up and down the street where you allegedly lived like I did five years ago? (Relax, I was already in the neighborhood.)

Anonymous said...

Catholic celebrity racket?

Why waste your time with bloggers? Seems to me its celebrity priests we should be keeping our eye on.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I followed the link you provided, and it doesn't give any reason to "keep our eye on" and "celebrity priests." The link takes us to a discussion of false accusations against Father Corapi, apparently the "celebrity priest" you were referring to. Read the entire discussion there, and it turns out that there is no basis for the accusation that Father Corapi has claimed to be a Green Beret who served in Vietnam. He's always said he never served in Vietnam, but was in the army during the Vietnam War era, and he also has always said that he wanted to become a Green Beret but never did.