Thursday, May 28, 2009


This just came in.

Father Alberto Cutié, the popular Cuban-American priest with a tremendous following in his Miami Archdiocese, is reported to be considering joining the ranks of the Episcopal Church. Under these circumstances, he would be free to marry Ruhama Canellis, the divorced mother with whom he has had a long-standing friendship, and which only recently became more than that.

We might forgive a man like Cutié, who is no less subject to the same foibles as any man, and by all means we should pray for him. But if one is to use this as an argument to render priestly celibacy in the Western church as an option, it should be pointed out that, by indulging this particular set of circumstances, we are saying it is acceptable for any man to leave one spouse for another.

Which begs the question: what is to stop such a man from leaving his spouse yet again?

[Video of local newsbreak can be found by clicking here.]

[UPDATE: Father Elvis has left the building: “Cutie (pronounced koo-tee-AY) was received into the Episcopal Church earlier Thursday at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Miami, Florida. He will pursue the priesthood in the Episcopalian faith, the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida said in a written statement.”]

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