Friday, May 22, 2009

So the holiday weekend is here, and you and your buds are stuck in town, with nothing better to do.

Here’s an idea. Each of you call up several of your other buds, then you all go out to Target or Walmart and buy identical blue polo shirts (just the right shade, for reasons to be explained forthwith) and khaki-tan pants. Then walk into the nearest Best Buy store this weekend... and just hang around.

Three years ago this month, eighty people did just that in a Manhattan location of the popular chain. We’ll be hearing more about these zany madcaps in the weeks to come. But if you do decide to pull this stunt, the subject of this week’s Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy, be advised.

The store ended up calling the cops. No idea how they would have been charged (Was it a copyright violation. Do you even CALL the cops for that?) or even if they were. After all, “Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend...”

You have been warned. Enjoy the holiday, buds.

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