Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Semi-Obligatory Human Interest Piece

[The following is taken from a recent e-newsletter of the journal Human Events, and is reproduced here without permission or shame. After all, somebody has to lighten things up around here. -- DLA]

In recent days, a woman telephoned one of Washington's more famous senior citizens, 97-year-old Roberta McCain, the mother of two-time Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, and invited her to a church function in suburban Maryland.

The woman, who does not wish to be identified, assumed Mrs. McCain would be driven by somebody else to the church. Just about the time the event was to begin, a car carrying only one person rolled into the church's crowded parking lot "and out popped Mrs. McCain -- and she ran, in 2-inch heels, to the church."

Those looking on were "astounded," says our source, especially when Mrs. McCain, whose vigor and zest for life is well-documented (Mr. McCain says his mother still runs circles around him), explained that she "got real lost" on the way to the church, but finally found it.

Observes our source: "Still driving and wearing 2-inch heels. Gotta love her."

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