Friday, September 02, 2011

“... and I will try to fix you.”

At last, the culprit was found. We had a widget, way down in the blue sidebar, that had not been active for some time. It was produced by a third party whose website was “” Apparently they specialize in custom blogrolls, or at least they used to. Their website is no longer active. So for the last few days, that line of code was redirecting mwbh to the placeholder of a website you can see for yourself by clicking on the URL in case you missed it this week. We are grateful for the consulting services of Richard Chonak, who also co-authors the group blog Catholic Light, for helping us identify the problem.

Of course, we also feature the return of Gloria TV News. Our damsel-with-the-long-braided-hair-to-die-for Doina Buzut began her daily reports again today, we think. She didn't tell us, but it's a safe bet she told that guy who does "Acts of the Apostasy" since he's featured there at least two or three times a month. Our hearts are broken, but we just can't seem to let go. So there she is. But we're leaving the AP news feed here for now, in case she decides once again to toy with our affections.

We are also using this opportunity to take measure of the substance of this weblog, and are beginning consultation as to how to improve it. The appearance will likely remain basically the same, but with a re-arrangement that will highlight our unique features more readily on the page, and the removal of items that have fallen into disuse. We might also finally lick that problem with coding for toggle-based archive listings.

But most important of all, the Hat of Black ... is back. Let's all click on the video and sing something!


Larry Denninger said...

Disclaimer - I wasn't told either. Honest!

A year or so ago, Doina and I exchanged a couple emails in which she admitted she loved my sense of humor. Scary, isn't it?

Glad to hear you've solved your glitch.

David L Alexander said...

Thanks for the note. I don't know who you think you're kidding, but it's obvious that she likes you better. (Hail to the victor ...)

Larry Denninger said...

If your "hail to the victor" means what I think it means (the fight song for Univ. of Michigan), then "AUUUUUGGGHHHH!!!"

I'm a Michigan State grad...

David L Alexander said...

No, it means you're Doina's favorite, and don't try to deny it. (I don't follow those silly Michigan football rivalries anyway. I'm a Cincinnati grad. Go Bearcats!)