Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guitar Workshop: Speaking of CSNY ...

... yesterday's television clip of the supergroup* Crosby Stills Nash and Young, had us perusing through the vast archives that is YouTube. That's when we came upon this clip.

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes provides a good example of how open tunings can set the tone for a composition, without the complex fingerwork. An intermediate rhythm player can fake his way through this like riding a bike. Our subject "privettricker" tells it this way: “Tuning is EEEEBE, although it's tuned down a step or two [which would probably make it DDDDAD -- DLA]. Hard for me to hear what he's doing during the guitar breaks, so I kind of winged it.”

Worth a shot.

* So called as it is in its entirety composed of, or fronted by, musicians who have already achieved critical acclaim in other bands, in this case, Crosby with The Byrds, Stills and Young with Buffalo Springfield, and Nash with The Hollies.

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