Friday, September 23, 2011

Obligatory “Perry and Romney Not Debating Each Other” Debate Moment

The gang at Fox News is on a roll, and just had another televised neo-con love fest ... er, presidential debate the other night. Mitt Romney was pretty smooth in standing up to Rick Perry as he went through the predictable whatever-happened-to-my-being-the-next-big-thing meltdown. Yeah, he's really losing that good old conservative base, on stuff the good old conservative base should have known if they had done their homework earlier this summer.

Anything for a pretty face, huh, guys?

Some people think that makes Romney looks better. Hey, Mittless, here's a news flash! The other guy screwing up doesn't make you any better. It only means there are now TWO has-beens to consider instead of one. Meanwhile, sleeper candidate Herman Cain finds his moment to shine. It's good to know he found a way to beat cancer big-time.

The real trick is what we learn later in the video.

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