Sunday, August 04, 2002

Suppose they had a dialogue and nobody came?

According to Amy Welborn, the following was posted to the message board of the Voice of the Faithful at 4:44 am, Sat Aug 3):

"The board has been hit with what David Alexander calls 'The Haffner Wars.' David has recruited members of his blogspot websites to register and post on our messageboard. Many of these posts are caustically sarcastic, discourteous, and opposed to a speaker at the VOTF conference.

"The whole thread for one of David's topics, has been moved to the delete board. Posts in regard to this messageboard decision will not be accepted. Inquiries to admin. about this thread will not be answered. The board may go on view only for an extended period of time. The possibility of shutting the board down is being seriously considered."

It's amazing how much one man can accomplish when he's over an hour's drive from his computer. I've been out of town much of the weekend. I don't remember any recruitment drive on my part, although I know Mark Shea has been encouraging his readers to join the discussion at the VOTF board (Way to go, Mark. You da man, you da man...). I have no control over the behavior of others. Considering how I was treated by a few of my detractors in that forum (select quotations available upon request), it appears the board monitors didn't have much control either. Besides, much of the "discourteous" behavior started only when the discussion was being censored.

Of course, the board monitors eventually "had no choice" but to close down what was becoming a level playing field, with a flow of information and scope of opinion beyond their control. Pete Vere offers an astute analysis.

Other voices in the blogosphere are commenting as well; Kathy Shaidle (posted 10:43 am, Fri Aug 2), Mike Hardy (Hey, Mike, what's with all the second guessing? You want the real deal on this, you know where to find me!), and Steve Schultz ("Some voices not welcome..." posted Sat Aug 3).

The people in charge of the forum cannot lie about what happened. During much of the time in question, they had an audience far greater and far more attentive than they could have imagined or regulated. Some "voices" stay silent, and thus speak volumes. And the Truth always has the last word.

Thus says the Book of Proverbs: "He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind..."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I hear a fais-do-do in the distance, and I have to go find my dancin' shoes!

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