Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Congratulations, it's a...

A dog has become a local celebrity in a Chinese village after she reportedly gave birth to a kitten. (Ananova)

This just in from Ananova:

Hua Chengpeng, of Huayang village, Jiangyan city, told People's Daily that the unlikely animal was the third "puppy" in his pet's litter.

"The first two puppies the dog produced were both normal, but when the third baby came, the whole family was very surprised to see a cat-like creature. It is a cat, not a dog at all," he said.

Local residents have been flocking to his house to see the "kitten" which local vets say is really a puppy which looks like a cat because of a gene mutation. It apparently yaps like a puppy.

Hua says his son brought the dog home from Liaoning city, where he had been working, a year ago.



Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

No way. I ain't buyin' it.

misterniceguy1960 said...

Dogs adopt kittkes from time to time, but they don't whelp them.