Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Approaching Five

Later this month, man with black hat will celebrate its fifth anniversary. It will be preceded (if I can ever get my act together) by several reflective posts.

There will be a look at the clerical sex abuse scandals, five years after the story broke in Boston. It will reflect on what went wrong, and will offer a SIMPLE explanation of why it happened, as opposed to the complicated ones you pay good money for at book-signings and lectures. It will also explain why the laity are partially to blame.

Also included will be a retrospective of the twenty-five (or fifty, if we're on a roll) posts which are considered the best that mwbh has had to offer since the beginning.

This celebration would not be complete without a self-indulgent piece devoted to that fascinating human being who is "the man in the black hat." Sort of a "then and now" thing.

And as if that were not enough, there will be a series entitled "The Summer of Love." Upon discovering a number of video clips from folk and popular recording artists of the mid- and late-1960s, it was decided to feature one each week for the remainder of the summer. Particular attention will be given to those clips which were first seen live by yours truly, and the reaction to them at the time. Some will be shown in living color, even though the Alexander household was too cheap to indulge in any more than black-and-white at the time.

The above requires some preparation, so blogging over the next week will be light.

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