Monday, June 25, 2007

Surf's Up!

Now that summer is here, most of us can't wait to hit the beach, even if it means being tempted by the many near occasions of sin that will be prancing up and down the sands, just begging the male of the species to trip all over himself.

I may be exaggerating a bit.

As an art student thirty years ago, I had my share of drawing classes with live models. Yes, Virgina, they were naked. I remember my first. (Every boy does.) It was my sophomore year, when "Drawing I" was required through the Fine Arts Department. Once the robe was off, the room was silent, and nothing was left to the imagination. During the break on that first occasion, the gals all kept to themselves. Hmmm...

Someone once said that most people look better with their clothes on than off. I have had occasion in my travels, to participate in folk dance weekends, which are the realm of the more footloose-and-fancy-free among us. Invariably, a dip in the lake becomes "clothing optional" for those so inclined. Those who indulge are generally aging hippie males with big guts and little... else to show for it.

But that won't be a problem with the women of Islam, no sir! Not since the arrival of the "burkini." The London Daily Mail reports on the latest fashion trend: "Schools have been told they should allow Muslim girls taking swimming lessons to cover themselves from head to toe in special outfits dubbed burkinis... An increasing number of pupils are insisting that conventional swimming costumes are 'immodest' and, citing religious grounds, have been refusing to wear them." Perhaps the apparel will gain a following among Catholic and Christian homeschool families. You have to admit, this is a fair sight better than wearing something that somebody's grandma would have worn in the early sixties.

The suit as shown here is made of Lycra, and the cost is listed at 29 pounds sterling, or about 60 to 65 dollars US.



Christine the Soccer Mom said...

My girls (8 and 5 50/52 - we are learning fractions) are always concerned with modesty. They are at this very moment swimming in the pool. When I head outside, I'll show them the picture and ask what they think.

I shall report back tonight.

Anonymous said...

I think it's cute!

+ Alan said...

well, she's still lookin' kinda hot, so might as well have the skin I guess. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

that actually looks kinda fun. i'll ask my muslim friend.

Anonymous said...

Actually, coming from a 21 year old lady, I think it's kind of cute! I hate wearing bathing suits, I usually wear a t-shirt and surfing shorts over them anyway. If I could get rid of the head thing on that there suit, I'd be all set;)

Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Surprisingly, both girls said they'd wear it! Little Girl, though, did admit that she would probably be a bit hot. Big Girl said she would wear it even though "it looks Muslim."

I'm surprised, really. Neither of them seem uncomfortable in the suits they have now (one-piece), though Big Girl was surprised that one of my one-pieces has a very open and low-ish back. It's a Speedo, but not a racing suit. I guess she is just used to me being modest and wasn't expecting it.

David L Alexander said...

If the burkini is a bit extreme, Land's End has been known to carry a number of models that are "universally flattering," which is to say they are more modest. At the same time, they're not so dowdy. At least I don't think so. They can be found here.